Pitching & Playlisting

Pitching & Playlisting


April 25, 13:15–14:15

Herbrand's Bahnhaus

In this workshop, Fabian Schüler dives deep into the essential question that concerns many aspiring artists: How do you successfully pitch your track to Spotify, for example, especially using the Spotify Artist Pitching tool? In a clear and practical approach, based on his own experience in the music industry, Fabian provides valuable insights and presents a detailed step-by-step guide on how to successfully use the artist pitching tool on various platforms as well as DIY playlist placement options. He will also discuss the respective third-party playlist placements (e.g. on submithub).

The talk will focus primarily on the following key questions: How can I best prepare my music for the Spotify Artist Pitch? What concrete steps are necessary to pitch my track via artists tools? How can I effectively get in touch with playlist curators and attract their attention?

It also looks at how artists can maximize their chances of being placed in relevant playlists.

This session is part of NEW TALENT. NEW TALENT takes place in cooperation with popNRW, VUT West and the c/o pop Convention.