April 28,


It's a story that only Hamburg nights can write: jolle's musical journey begins in a karaoke bar, where she is booked on the spot as the voice for a national advertising campaign. Two pandemic years and a full address book on her smartphone later, jolle has created an artistic environment in which she turns her very own visions into reality. With Lana-del-Rey-esque pop music in English, she launches her solo career in 2022. Word of her vocal and lyrical talent spreads quickly. Numerous studio invitations follow from producers and songwriters such as Benjamin Asare and Malte Kuhn (both Cro, Peter Fox, Helene Fischer, Disarstar, among others), Ben Walther/ (badchieff, sharaktah, kalim, reezy, 1986ig) and Josi Miller. Artists like Darwin Miller, viny baby and raum fisch ask jolle for features, furthermore she shares the stage with acts like Import Export. In her songs, jolle aims to create a surface for identification between diffuseness and relentless honesty.

The switch to German is therefore only a logical step: With a fresh 365XX label deal in their pocket, their first single in German will be released in June 2023. "grosse freiheit" tells of the current of change and the shaking off of doubts. With a view to the future, jolle absolutely doesn't need to have those either: Her music perfectly captures the nuances of human emotions and at the same time takes us back to the big city streets at night, where life takes place between flashing lights, glazed eyes and booming bass.