Zsá Zsá

Zsá Zsá


April 27,

Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld

Zsá Zsá is lightness turned into music. She makes art that doesn't fit into any box and is filled to the brim with every conceivable emotion.

Zsá Zsá is authentically carefree and, with her open manner, a breath of fresh air in the sails of pop culture. Given Zsá Zsá's past, it is anything but a matter of course that she dances light as a feather across the country's stages today.

Today, Zsá Zsá's focus is on music. However, she still does not want to decide against another art form. Just as acting has long accompanied her life, music has always had its place and helped her to process and express her emotions. Now she has the courage to share them with others.

Somewhere between Björk and Scooter, Lady Gaga and Lil Peep, she learned to produce and to follow her own vision without obeying a norm. You can try to describe her sound with a number of genres, sub-genres and technical terms... or you can just leave it at that and do what Zsá Zsá does: enjoy the freedom of not having to commit yourself.

She is supported by her producer Flo August, who works with Kraftklub, among others, and has already made cuts for Kummer ("Alles wird gut"), VIZE, Galantis, Blvth and bülow. The successful debut EP "Harmony", which she released independently in April 2022, is now followed by the second infusion of songs: poppier, more refined, more biting, clearer and yet more playful. The 26-year-old continues to develop - regardless of what others think. She does what she enjoys and remains honest, open, bold and, above all, herself. Anyone meeting Zsá Zsá should apply sun protection factor 1000 beforehand and be prepared for the deeptalk.

Welcome to Zsá Zsá's Playground of Feelings.