Ilona Hartmann Lesung zum Roman "klarkommen"

Ilona Hartmann Lesung zum Roman "klarkommen"


April 28,

artheater Saal

lona Hartmann is a freelance author and copywriter. Born near Stuttgart in 1990, she moved first to Leipzig and then to Berlin straight after leaving school, but above all to the internet. Among other things, she is a columnist for ZEITMagazin, and other texts by her can be found on Instagram and Twitter, where she is now followed by more than 100,000 people. Together with Christoph Amend, Editorial Director of ZEITmagazin, Ilona hosted the podcast "Und was machst Du am Wochenende?" for 99 episodes and spoke to a guest every week about the two shortest days of the week.

Ilona is part of the band "Njelk" and alternates with Sebastian Hotz in the programme "Theoretisch Cool" on Radio Fritz, where she chats with guests and plays great music - every third Sunday of the month.

Her debut novel "Land in Sicht" was published in 2020. The novel "Klarkommen" will follow in spring 2024.

"I really wanted to waste my youth, but not like this."

"Klarkommen" tells the story of Mounia, Leon and the narrator herself, who take the plunge into the big city together after graduating from high school and quickly realise that the books, films, series and songs were a lie: The party is either already over or never started. Nobody fucks, almost everyone is afraid of drugs, and only the others are cool. Together and individually, they are struggling with their own embarrassing dorkiness and the seemingly impossible task of quickly blossoming before civilisation ends itself. The big question that drives them all is: Where is my place in life and how do I find it? And they need each other to find out ...

Ilona Hartmann's new book touches the reader with subtle observations and intense moments that powerfully and truthfully tell of life in all its depths, heights and shades of grey.

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